We are hoping that our offer shall merit your favourable
consideration and looking forward for cordial and productive business relationship.


The workers supplied by will be on 90 days probation basis, during the probation period if any worker found not conforming to the job specification they are assigned or anyone found to be Medically unfit then, We replace them at our expense.
The arrivt of workers is assured with 30-45 working days from receipts of complete recruitments duly attested by appropriates authorities in the kingdom. However, in many occasions, even with number of workers required by any clients, the first batch of workers are deployed to job site within the 25 working day period from receipt of Initial, Job Order and recruitment documents.
Any authorised representative of the client, deputed to Sri Lanka to finalise selection and recruitment of at least 100 workers or above, shall be, provide first class hotel accommodation and transportation during his stay in Sri Lanka.

All Other Terms and Conditions According

Food and Accommodation

The employer shall provide free or in lieu, a monthly Food Allowance and Free Accommodation.

Medical Services

Free Medical Service including Medicines for work related injuries or sickness, shall be provided by the employer.

Working Hours

Eight (8) hours a day, 48 hours per week or 6 days work per week with one (1) day rest, with in a week.


As per the company policies

Annual Leave

Fifteen (15) days Entitle on completion of twelve (12) months continuous service.


The employer provide free transportation service or transport allowance.